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The Aquarian Tabernacle Church

An Interfaith church of Wicca and Earth Religion
48631 River Park Drive,
P. O. Box 409, Index, WA 98256.
Tel: (360) 793-1945

You’ve been a seeker on the path of Wicca for years. Much of the time, you’ve been a “solitary,” always looking for that group that felt “right” for you. All too often, when it looked like you found that open, accepting community, it suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, in an all too common group “melt-down.” You probably have begun your own group, and now would like to extend it into an actual legal and recognized Wiccan/Pagan church but don’t know how to do that properly.

Well, now you’ve found it - one of the world’s best kept secrets – the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. We help with all the legal issues involved and IRS matters, making it easy. Begun by a few forward-looking Wiccans in Washington state who wanted simply to establish a place where anyone on the path could go to celebrate the seasonal turning of the Wheel of the Year with others, it was the right idea at the right time, with the right people guiding it. The rest is history. Today, the ATC has grown into a big, extended family of accepting people, and has spread across the English speaking world, and is recognized in many nations, and growing.

ATC is a fully recognized Wiccan church respected by government and other faiths. It has been so successful an idea that ATC has spread out and is now active and recognized as a Wiccan church throughout the English speaking world – U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, soon in New Zealand, and still growing. You’ll be in good company!

We must be doing something right! Won’t you join us?

Organize. Your Articles of Incorporation, the charter issued by the state to establish non profits, must contain certain language to allow us to include your organization in our Group Exemption Letter. The ATC will help you form the necessary non profit religious corporation by providing you with the necesary properly worded documents to file with your state Secretary of State’s office with a small filing fee. That’s the first step.

Grow. The ATC doesn’t control your group, you do. We aren’t interested in telling you what to do. We will tell you how to do it when you need help. We provide the much needed experience and the resources necessary for you to succeed and for your church to grow and flourish. You will have as much experienced help at your fingertips as you want and ask for. Our job is to mentor your leadership skills, to be your “coach” and help from the sidelines.

Expertise. ATC has many resources to help you and your church, from legal, accounting and management resources and tools, to counseling, spiritual and liturgical support. Our 25 year history as a successful church based on an open worship model, where everyone who wants to attend can do so, has proven the right way to build a solid, cohesive faith community.

Worship. Everyone is welcome in our circles – no commitment needed. Come, celebrate life together. Experience the authentic love and true acceptance of a real church, as one big extended family. Our community ranges from singles to couples with small children through seniors, all getting along – as close to “perfect love and perfect trust” as you’re ever likely to get. Many of us also belong to other, smaller groups as well

Study. Learn more about your chosen path while leading your own congregation, through our Continuing Education Classes. You can even study for formal ATC Tradition ordination if you wish, at ATC’s Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, authorized in Washington to grant theological degrees.

Seminary info on line by clicking here

Grow Spiritually and share your beliefs with your local community in a comfortable, friendly community structure, the ATC, that’s been around since 1979 and still growing strong.

Children and Families. ATC has always been a family friendly church. Busy lives and endless commitments can pull a family in many directions – ATC is one way to keep Pagan family values and spiritual goals in focus. The kids will like SpiralScouts, our youth group for boys and girls that you can include in your church activities. Our children are the future of our proud Pagan heritages and the many newer modern Pagan traditions.

ATC is structured as a Wiccan church, but we consider ourselves an open, inclusive Interfaith Church of Earth Religion, and respect the many choices available to seekers today. It is our hope that you will benefit from our experiences in that area, and do the same. We are oriented toward serving the larger Pagan community. In 25 years we have never required someone to sponsor or vouch for another to participate in any activity, without problems.

Our structural model for Wiccan and Pagan church congregations is open, proven and quite successful. Basically, congregations are led by a priestess and a priest with equal stature and authority, and another Director. They are guided by a Red Cord Council made up of community elders, selected for their wisdom and experience, who function as advisors to the leadership clergy. Decisions generally are arrived at by the priestess and priest after discussion and arriving at an outcome that all can accept, a modified consensus model similar to the Quakers.

We do have some internal hierarchy for organizational stability, but we recommend working pretty much by consensus. One thing we don’t do is fight with each other. We don’t take votes, since in a vote, someone always comes out a loser, and that’s not good. That’s not how you build a sense of real community, and community is what ATC is all about.

Getting started. Basically, the first step, even before forming the church corporation, is for the leadership of the group to give ATC a brief history of the group, what it has been doing (open worship, gatherings, classes, that sort of activity). In addition, we like to review resumes of the backgrounds and experience of at least three of the principal leadership.

Each resume’ should be frank and honest, and include information about not just spiritual experience and training, but also life experience, education, and everyday successes. Don’t tell us what you think we want to know, tell us the frank and candid truth, since it is this information that we base our estimates of what types of support and how much of it your group will be likely to need from the Mother church. If you mislead us, we can’t help you where you may really want and need it.

From there on, it is pretty easy. Once your incorporated congregation is added to our affiliates group, we notify the IRS of that fact and you are immediately federally recognized. We will help you with the administrative details of establishing a bank account, give you guidelines on how to keep the legally required records, and give you the everyday support you want and need.

The rest is up to you!

Sound interesting? Give us a call today and let’s talk about the possibilities. We are available by e-mail or by telephone most days up until 9 P.M. Pacific time zone at the church office at (360) 793-1945, mail at ATC, Box 409, Index, WA 98256 or emailing us at

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