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The Aquarian Tabernacle Church

Opening Circle from Sickle

Welcome Home !

You’ve been a seeker on the path of Wicca for years. Much of the time, you’ve been a “solitary,” always looking for that group that felt “right” for you. All too often, when it looked like you found that open, accepting community, it suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, in an all too common group “melt-down.” You probably have begun your own group, and now would like to extend it into an actual legal and recognized Wiccan/Pagan church but don’t know how to do that properly.

We help with all the legal issues involved and IRS matters, making it easy. Begun by a few forward-looking Wiccans in Washington state who wanted simply to establish a place where anyone on the path could go to celebrate the seasonal turning of the Wheel of the Year with others, it was the right idea at the right time, with the right people guiding it. The rest is history. Today, the ATC has grown into a big, extended family of accepting people, and has spread across the world, and is recognized in many nations, and growing.

ATC is a fully recognized Wiccan church respected by government and other faiths. Together, ATC Churches and Covens have fought for recognition of Wiccan churches throughout the world, with groups in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, Italy, France, South Africa, New Zealand, and still growing. You’ll be in good company!

We must be doing something right! Won’t you join us?


We prepare your Articles of Incorporation, Charter Agreement and obtain your tax number.  We are an organizing body that will help you get organized within the Wiccan Infrastructure.  Remember, that we are an oraganizing body, not a governing body.  We do not dictate how you run your group in any way.  We provide large church benefits for small connected churches to provide a strong community connected throughout the world.


We provide the experience and resources of a large church organization, necessary for you to succeed and for your church to grow and flourish. You will have help at your fingertips. Our job is to mentor your leadership skills, to be your “coach” and help from the sidelines.


ATC has many resources to help you and your church, from legal, accounting and management resources and tools, to counseling, spiritual and liturgical support. Our 35 year history as a successful church has learned many lessons.  We are here to help you know what your options are, and to help you make wise, informed decisions.  When there’s difficulty, it feels better to have a world-wide connection of witches on your side.


The Patron Goddess of the ATC is Hecate.  The Patron God is Pan.  But, we find that each coven or church has their own pantheon, and flavor of magic that weaves a strong web.  We do offer the ATC Redbook of Wiccan Liturgy, which is standard British Traditional Wicca.  But, we fully expect you to heed the call of the Goddess and bring your own mysteries.


Wicca is a living religion, growing ever stronger than before.  There is also a rich tradition given forth by our ancestors.  At the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, we strive to bring a balance of all polarities to the classes we offer.  WiccanSeminary.EDU offers college degrees in Wiccan Ministry from Associates to Doctorate.  We are state certified through the Washington State Board of Higher Education to be a degree granting body, allowing our graduates to compete for Pastoral and Chaplaincy positions within the work-place.

Children and Families

ATC has always been a family friendly church. Busy lives and endless commitments can pull a family in many directions – ATC is one way to keep Pagan family values and spiritual goals in focus. The kids will like SpiralScouts, our youth group for boys and girls that you can include in your church activities. Our children are the future of our proud Pagan heritages and the many newer modern Pagan traditions.


Getting started.


We need:

  • fill out this form
  • A letter of Introduction, Why do you want to be part of the ATC?  What do you hope to gain from this relationship?
  • A brief history of the group, what it has been doing (open worship, gatherings, classes, etc.).
  • Mundane and Magical resumes of the three of the principal leadership.
  • References from people that we might possibly know and your Initiating HP/s or a written letter of recommendation from an ATC Regional Elder.



We will:

  • Prepare your Articles of Incorporation, Charter Agreement and obtain your tax number.
  • Promote your group and events as an ATC Affiliate
  • Add you to the Affiliate Council Webpages and Social groups
  • Help you with the administrative details of establishing a bank account
  • Give you guidelines on how to keep the legally required records
  • Provide you with the ATC Redbook of Wiccan Liturgy.
  • Give you the everyday support you want and need.
  • Visit on occasion and help you keep up with your extended family.

The_Three_Fates_byThe rest is up to you!

Sound interesting?
Give us a call today and let’s talk about the possibilities. We are available by e-mail or by telephone most days up until 9 P.M. Pacific time zone at the church office at (360) 793-1945, mail at ATC, Box 409, Index, WA 98256 or emailing us at Bella@AquaTabCh.Org