Directions to the Church in Index, Washington

ATC isn’t too hard to find. Please follow these instructions, after first reading the warning at the very end.

Driving Directions from Seattle to the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Index, WA (360)793-1945

1. Take I-5 to the Route 520 exit just N of downtown Seattle & before U district;

2. Take the WA-520 exit Eastward across Lk. Washington to Bellevue side;

3. Stay in right lane on SR-520 E. as you will be exiting very soon;

4. Take the I-405 NORTH exit from SR-520 northerly towards EVERETT;

5. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp to exit North.

6. Merge onto I-405 N. and continue 8.0 miles to SR-522, exit is marked Woodinville/Wenatchee;

7. Take the SR-522 EAST exit;

8. Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp;

9. Merge onto SR-522 E. and continue 13.5mi. to end at Monroe & Hwy-2;

10. Turn LEFT (East) onto STEVENS PASS HWY / Hwy-2. Proceed through towns of Monroe, Sultan, Startup and Gold Bar, about 20 mi.±;

11. Approx. 7 mi. after leaving Gold Bar (boundary is by Goldbar Family Grocer supermarket on your left), turn SLIGHT LEFT off rightward curving HWY-2 at Mount Index Cafe, and onto INDEX -GALENA RD. Proceed 0.9mi. to the Index Bridge on your left immediately after passing under the railroad overpass;

12. Turn LEFT (NORTH) across the bridge onto 5TH ST. into town of Index;

13. Proceed straight ahead (NORTH) 1 block, between the Index General Store/ Post Office (on right) and Dolittle Park and the Index Elementary School (both on left) to the intersection of INDEX AVE. & 5TH. ST. at the Bush House Country Inn (ahead, but closed).

14. Turn LEFT (EAST) onto Index Avenue, running between the Index School and the Bush House and cross the railroad grade crossing. (Note your odometer at the railroad crossing.) Continue down a long block and follow the road as it swings sharply to the LEFT (SOUTH) and comes up to a stop sign.

15. Turn RIGHT (EAST) at the stop sign, once again on AVENUE A (which is cut in half by the railroad, back near the bridge, necessitating this run-around. Now the river is on your left as you head west along the north bank). Proceed out of town EASTward along this paved road. You will notice a street sign on your left at the town boundary, marked by a huge block of granite, marking the point where Avenue A becomes REITER ROAD. Continue along Reiter Road. (NOTE: If the road crosses the railroad again and turns to gravel, you have gone about 600 feet too far!) ;

16. Exactly one and two tenths miles (1.2 mi.) from the point where you crossed the railroad in Index, you will come under two parallel tall steel power transmission lines, with the railroad embankment on your right. Under the power towers and on your left is a bright yellow farm gate across RIVER PARK DRIVE, a gravel lane. (NOTE: If you are coming at a time OTHER THAN A SCHEDULED SERVICE, the gate will be shut and locked, so make prior arrangements with us to get through the gate, please.)

17. Enter this gravel lane, River Park Drive. ATC is the 3rd building on the right, at the bottom of a slight hill. Park at the top of the hill (if coming to a service), by the ATC Parking sign under the power towers where there is lots of room, and walk down the hill to the church. There is a lighted sign out front. (NOTE: If you are mobility impaired and can’t walk 100 yards or on a grade, please call ahead to arrange closer parking at the church).

If coming by way of I-405:

1. Come from either N or S along I-405 to north of Kirkland, to the intersection of 405 and Hwy-522 near Woodinville. Exit 405 on to 522 toward Monroe and Wenatchee (EAST).

2. Follow directions from No. 6 to Index and ATC.

Coming via Highway 2 from East of the mountains:

1. From Cle Elum, take 970 North to 97, continue N on 97 through Blewett Pass to Highway 2 just West of Wenatchee and just East of the wide spot in the highway called Peshastin.

2. Drive Westward on Highway 2 (left from Blewett Pass 97) through Peshastin and Leavenworth, the Tumwater Canyon area (there’s a great alpine-looking candy maker’s store all by itself there on the river, worth visiting), and over Stevens Pass (ski area).

3. Now you are going downhill! Continue W on HY-2 through the village of Scenic (so small you might miss it), Skykomish (across the river from the highway) and Baring (also quite small).

4. About 4-5 miles W of Baring on HY-2 you will still be going downhill and will pass under a low railroad overpass bridge. Immediately after that, as you round the curve, will be the Mt. Index Cafe, and the Index turn off, to your right.

5. Turn right at the Mt. Index cafe and follow this road for about 1 mile until you can see Index across the river, and the new Index bridge.

6. Cross the bridge on your left into Index immediately after passing under another railroad overpass, and onto 5TH ST. into town of Index;

7. Continue on following directions from 13 (above).

>From I-5 North of Everett:

1. Take Hwy-2 exit East at Everett to Monroe. Follow on from No. 10 at Monroe, straight ahead on 2. If you have any problems, feel free to telephone us at (360) 793-1945 for some help.

2. Continue on following the directions from 13 (above).

NOTE PLEASE: As you go along Hy-2 between Gold Bar and Index, you may see a left turn marked “REITER ROAD.” Please do NOT try to get to the church from this end of Reiter Road as it is a long, winding and dangerous old logging road, and you may damage your car. There is NOT A SINGLE HOME along the 7 miles of this road, and cell phone reception in the mountains is notroiously poor, so if you break down, go off the road or get stuck, you will REALLY be stuck and have to walk possibly seven miles for help. Resist the temptation and stay on the highway to Index, following the directions above.