Hekate’s Sickle Festival

Hecate Wheel

Come celebrate Samhain!

Hecate Wheel


HSF 2015 2.0 WaP (2)

*NEW DATES – OCTOBER 29th – November 1st 2015

*NEW PLACE – This year we return to FORT FLAGLER

$150.00 4/26/2015 – 8/31/2015
$180 9/1/2015 – 9/30/2015
$220.00 10/1/2015 – 10/26/2015
Registration fees include accommodations and all meals. 
Registration officially CLOSES on October 26, 2015. If wanting to register after October 26, 2015, it is best to call the Church and check on available space.

Thursday  – Seance & Rite of Release

Send and receive messages with our departed loved ones.

Friday  – “Getting the Sight” & Fortuna’s Masquerade

Open your third eye in a traditional “Getting the Sight” ritual.  Come to the Masquerade dressed as your favorite Tarot Card.  Test your luck in games of “Chance.”  Discover your future at an Oracle’s table.

Saturday – Walk the Paths, Meet the Gods

After a day of Workshops on divination and oracular skills, come face to face with the aspects of –



 More about “Sickle”

Merchants from across the land come to offer their special wares for sale. Indoor bunking is in heated dorms where lots of hot water showers are available. Meal service is simple home cookin’ to suit every taste, with big servings of wholesome, tasty food prepared by our staff of professional cooks and many volunteers.

*Special dietary needs can be accommodated only if you indicate your needs when pre-registering to attend. Please see the Registration Form, which you may download to print and return via regular mail with your check. Diet changes may not be elected on-site, so let us know now so we can buy the right food for you. Choices are: No Red Meat; Vegan, or you can write in if you have a specific allergy.  We never use peanuts or peanut oil, just in case.


There will be workshops, rituals, and classes. Many different workshops are being scheduled. If you would like to teach a workshop or present a discussion, please contact Workshop Coordinator, cassie@aquatabch.org with a brief outline.

This is NOT a camp-out event. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Don’t delay! Some limited Staff Intern and Work Exchange jobs are available for those who can not afford the full fees (not available to Merchants). If you need consideration, call us at (360)793-1945 right away, as these are limited and fill up early as well.

Your registration fees are used to support the Aquarian Tabernacle Church’s many ministries. Early registrations cost less because it helps us have operating capital to facilitate the festival.  So please take advantage of the discount and register early.  If you want to pay more, you are always welcome to give additional donations, and we are always grateful for them. Thank you for helping us continue the work of the Goddess.  


FORMS & FEES: Registrations will be confirmed via email when full payment has processed.


COMMUNITY SERVICE: Everyone is expected to perform a minimum 2-hour community service job to help the festival run smoothly.

C-PAP: Every attempt will be made to accommodate those requiring and outlet for a CPAP machine, but please bring your battery, as the number of outlets available is limited. Bringing an extension cord is suggested

MOBILITY IMPAIRMENT: You must explain—in general terms—the nature of your impairment so we can make appropriate bunk and work duty assignments.

BUNK ASSIGNMENTS: If you have checked a special need—Mobility Impairment or CPAP outlet—your bunk assignment will be made according to the special needs listed on the registration form. We cannot guarantee that everyone who wants to will be able to bunk together. Lodging and toilet facilities at this festival are coed.

BUNK MATES: Your requested bunk-mate must also request you. Full, legal names required.

GROUPS: Groups should pick a leader to handle correspondence. Also: each attendee in a group must complete the group information section, or they may not be included with their group.

MERCHANT REGISTRATIONS: Merchants are most welcome! Merchant entry is $130.00 per merchant plus 10% of Gross Sales. ONE TABLE is included in the merchant fee. Additional table spaces (with tables) are available for a fee of $25.00 per table. Merchant registrations should be received by October 10, 2015. Please make sure you indicate the number of tables needed when you register, as we will not be able to make changes on-site out of fairness to all. In order to best facilitate your request or questions please contact both our Festival Coordinator and Merchant Coordinator: cassie@aquatabch.org and skyfae@aquatabch.org to address any needs or questions you may have so we may address them as soon as possible.

Returning vendors this year include Lis Write Ivec and Dennis Merrill! More information and updates coming soon!


General Registration officially CLOSES on October 26, 2015. If wanting to register after October 26, 2015, it is best to call the Church and check on available space.  For general festival questions, please contact bella@aquatabch.org. A staff member will respond to you via email or phone call (if requested with number provided), OR we will forward your question to the appropriate festival Staff Liaison. Please do not rely on email for time sensitive issues. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call the Church office directly for assistance.

PAYMENTS: We are accepting payments online: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If these options don’t work for you, please send an email to membership@aquatabch.org to make other arrangements.


Pre-Registrations is required, and must be accompanied by full payment in U.S. dollars to secure any time-based discounts without exception.  No on-site payments or registrations can be accepted. If you wish, self contained Recreation Vehicles may be brought instead of dorm sleeping. All RVs and campers must park at the Wagon Wheel Campground located on the other side of the trees behind the cast cabins. Showers etc. will still be available to you in the dorms. To make arrangements to bring an RV or camper, you must contact Fort Flagler directly at 360-385-3701. Fees apply.

A $30.00 cash cleaning deposit for each person will be collected at registration upon arrival on site. Deposits must be in $30.00 cash bundles. No checks or foreign currency is accepted. We cannot make change, so please bring the exact amount to avoid having to make a trip to Hadlock to access the ATM machine there. Deposits will be returned AFTER closing circle at noon to those folks still onsite who have completed their community service and clean up. Others are forfeited. No one may collect your refund for you. Work assignments will be signed off on the back of your badge, so make sure you have your badge with you.


The payment options are back for Hekate’s Sickle Festival. Here are the rules –

  • The $50 down payment is a NON-refundable deposit to hold your bed. You don’t get it back if you decide not to attend.
  • This does NOT hold your discount fee. If you want the discount fee you have to pay the balance off BEFORE the rate goes up. ***If you pay your balance off before August 31st, it’s $150, if you pay it off before Sept. 30th it’s $180 and if you pay it off before registration closes it’s $220.*** Refund and cancellation policy is below.

We’ve had a lot of confusion over this, and so to avoid upsetting people we did away with it this year. But, now, we are having a lot of hardships wanting the payment option back.
So, NOTE – These are the rules. We need your early bird payments to purchase things for the festival, so we give you a discount for paying early. It’s a hardship for you to pay at the last minute, so we charge more. This is how it works.

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be received at the ATC IN WRITING (email is okay).

  • Cancellations received: BEFORE August 2015 will receive a 85% refund on full payments only.  $50 deposits are non-refundable.
  • FROM August – September 2015 will receive a 50% refund.
  • AFTER September 31st 2015 and NO-SHOWS are not eligible for a refund.

Refunds will be mailed after the festival dust settles by November 12th. Only those cancellations received in writing and within the date ranges listed above will be eligible for a refund. The $5.00 manual processing fee is not refundable.

CLOSE OF REGISTRATION: Registration closes October 26th, 2015.

Please understand that we will be in full swing preparing for our departure and will be unable to respond to emails or calls received after October 26th

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