Healing Bodies, Minds, & Hearts…

The focus of our ‘work in circle’ here at the Aquarian Tabernacle has always been healing. We direct the healing energies we raise through ritual, chant and sacred dance toward those who have requested our help with some personal healing process. It may be physical sickness, a psychological affliction or trauma from childhood or more recent time, a work-related problem, a desired ‘attitude adjustment,’ or whatever they feel needs healing and growth in their lives.

Following ancient tradition, we will do no healing work for anyone who may be unaware of it, or has not personally asked for it or given their permission for the raising and directing of healing energies toward them and their clearly stated needs. For the unsure, we can help you focus on exactly what the particular need may actually be, knowing that in life, often the real trouble starts when we get what we thought it was we needed, without enough reflection on the situation.

The Tabernacle also has several competent pastoral counselors available who can provide religiously based counseling, support and assistance. Some of the matters which may be served through such pastoral counseling are family and marriage concerns, grief counseling, child custody problems, religious discrimination at home and/or in the workplace, and the like. Referrals are also available to professional therapists and psychological counselors who are Wiccan or Pagan themselves, or are Wiccan- and Pagan-friendly. In legal matters, we also can offer referrals to Attorneys who are Wiccan or Pagan themselves, or are Wiccan- and Pagan-friendly.

As the first publicly accessible Wiccan church in the Pacific Northwest, we strive for professionalism in our clergy, and are willing to provide those support services to our members that are heretofore unavailable in our faith, but are routinely available in mainstream denominations in our culture. We educate our clergy, encourage professionalism, and know our limitations and when to give a referral to someone with more expertise on a given subject.

We acknowledge that healing involves far more than healing energies, prayer and support. Its not just about physical sickness, injury or trauma. It concerns the core values of our lives, our attitudes toward life and others, and our hopes, wishes and life goals. We also acknowledge that there are many paths to such healing, as well.

You may request healing work by returning the attached Healing Request card found in this packet or in the church building. Write out your request and mail it to us or drop it in the contributions box at the church. If the healing is being requested for someone other than yourself, be sure they give their permission by signing the card. A contribution is appreciated, but by no means required.

Bright Blessings be upon you and yours, from the people of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church – the many staff volunteers, the membership, and all of our other congregations across the U.S., Canada, Australia and beyond!

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