What About Children?

The Aquarian Tabernacle is a church for the whole family. We always try to include everyone in our activities, and welcome participation by children as well as parents and grandparents. Extended family members are equally welcome.

We ask you to use discretion when including children in a gathering so as not to disrupt the event for others attending. Parents of very young children are asked to make other arrangements for the care of the little ones during ritual to avoid the distraction of fidgeting or squalling babies when everyone else is trying to concentrate on the service. Be considerate of others always… its just the responsible thing to do.

Those with small children who seem to have an interest in being in circle are expected to stay in contact with those children by holding hands during the service, and if they become disruptive, to refocus them quickly or take them away from the immediate area. Obviously, one parent can deal with no more than one child at a time. Your well behaved, non-disruptive children are always welcome at our worship circles.

Although we may occasionally have a gathering that’s not appropriate for children, such as the Hecate’s Sickle Festival at Samhain where the subject matter may be too intense for the inclusion of small children, we always try to include the little ones. After all, they’re our future. Some day soon we hope we may have enough children attending with their parents to be able to start a Pagan School, a sort of “Sunday school” to help them learn about our religion and mythology so that they may better understand and appreciate Pagan holidays, lore, customs, lifestyle, ritual and gatherings.

There is a young people’s program along the lines of Boy ScoutsTM  or CampfireTM but Pagan oriented, which involves both boys and girls together – SpiralScouts for the youngsters and PathFinders for the teenagers, with FireFlies for the preschoolers. We encourage our affiliate congregations to establish similar programs, and can support them with achievement award materials and activity plans.

While we may offer formal child care only occasionally at our larger functions, we do provide an appropriate place and materials for parents to form an on-site co-operative child care program during the major activities and rituals. We also will often arrange for some activities that parents and children can participate in, such as the Eostre Egg Hunt and the Children’s Circle (where The Goddess visits the little ones) at the Spring Mysteries and other festivals.

Parents of youngsters (or other adults) who are interested in becoming involved in programs of this type are encouraged to get in contact with the church to discuss how they may become involved.

(By law, adult sponsors must pass a Washington State Patrol background check to participate.)

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