Who’s Who in the ATC

ATC Mother Church:

Belladonna Laveau – Archpriestess, Dean of WiccanSeminary.EDU
Pete Pathfinder Davis – Founding Elder
Sydney Bridges – High Priestess (Sabbats and Festival Director)
Dusty Dionne - High Priest (Spiritual Director)
Cassie Gendlek – Maiden (Administrative Director)
Micheal Alling - Summoner (Security and Marketing)
Jamie Sumner – Educational Coordinator (Full Moons and Seekers Course)
John Calderone – IT
Tracy Byrd – Scribe

Other US leaders:

Roger Coleman, HP, Church of Iron Oak, and Presiding Elder, Eastern US
Terry Riley, HP, Southern Delta Church of Wicca, and Presiding Elder, MidSouth, US
Gypsy Ravish, HPs, The Temple of Nine Wells, Presiding Elder, North East
Jeanine Lesniak, HPS, Golden Thread Grove, Presiding Elder, North West

Other nations:

Erik Lindblad, Archpriest,
Michele Favarger, Archpriestess,
Lady Tamara VonForslun, Archpriestess, Jeanine Dale, Maiden.
APs & AP Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone,
ATC-Europe Presiding Elder
HPS Silja Müller, HP Anthony Kemp,
Archpriestess Belladonna Laveau is also the Dean of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church Sponsored College,WiccanSeminary.EDU. Bella’s book, Awakening Spirit, is used by our US Military to help chaplains minister to Wiccan Troops, and is part of the Freshman core curriculum in the Seminary. A Navy Veteran, Mother of three, and Spiritual Counselor; Bella is a 10 year veteran of full-time Wiccan ministry. Her current passion is to create a benefits package for Wiccan Clergy to help provide the resources for groups and leaders to be successful in their ministry.
Sydney Bridges, High Priestess of the Mother Church
Dusty Dionne, High Priest of the Mother Church

 Founding Elder Pete “Pathfinder” Davis, founded the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in November of 1979, in Washington State. Pete has served two terms as president of the Interfaith Council of Washington State, and is a long time member of the Washington State Department of Corrections Religious Services Advisory Committee which advises the department on religious programs in Washington’s institutions. He has taught Wicca in several area post-secondary educational facilities. He is a Regent of The Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, a college-level institution which prepares Wiccan students for service as fully competent Wiccan clergy.
Michele Favarger, diminutive Archpriestess of ATC-Canada, makes a point to the towering (6’4″) Roger Coleman of the Church of Iron Oak-ATC (Florida), ATC Presiding Elder for the eastern seaboard states. The photo was taken at a recent Spring Mysteries festival, where ATC elders from across the country and across the globe often take the opportunity to exchange notes on church development and growth.

June, 1993 Interfaith Council of Washington’s reception for His Holiness The Dalai Lama (center, with Bishop Warner), held on the main altar at Seattle’s St. Mark’s, the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington. The event was attended by an enormous number of people of all faiths, filling the cathedral beyond its capacity, with many standing outside and listening over the public address system. The representatives of over thirteen varied and different religions were seated on both sides of the altar, ranging from Baha’is through Christians, Muslims and Jews, through to Zoroastrians. ATC’s Archpriest, Pete Davis, can be seen seated in the first row, third from the left, right next to the lady in white. The gentleman seated next to Bishop Warner (standing) is a ceremonial drummer from the Lummi Indian Nation.

(Photograph courtesy of Sakya Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Seattle.)